Z.K.H. Adi Patti Mandura – Regent of Serang

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Z.K.H. Adi Patti Mandura – Regent of Serang


A very fine and detailed black and white mid-19th century lithograph by Paulus Laters (1806-1875) of Z.K.H. Adi Patti Mandura, the Regent of Serang from an original drawing by the C.W.M. Van de Velde (1817-1898), a Dutch naval officer and head of the Dutch Royal Hydrographer’s Office in Batavia and published by Frans Buffa and Sons of Amsterdam in 1844-45 in Gezigten uit Neerlands Indie, naar de natuur geteekend en beschreven, a very beautiful and luxurious illustrated work on Indonesia. The work, which is dedicated to His Royal Highness Prince Hendrick of the Netherlands, contains 50 numbered lithographs of Indonesia including 22 views and plates of Java, one view of the Ampanan Islands east of Java, 2 views of Timor, 10 views of the Moluccas, 7 views of the Celebes, 3 of Borneo, 2 of the Bintang Islands and 3 views of Padang, Sumatra. This is Plate No. 11.

Very good condition overall; two small worm holes in bottom left-hand margin outside the lithograph, one worm hole inside the lithograph near the right-hand border; measures 199 x 254 mm.

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Price: 550 USD

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