Buddha (Late Ayutthaya period, 1351 – 1767) ~ SOLD

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Late Ayutthaya period (1351 – 1767) thankha depicting / Phra Sri Ariya Mettrai – the future Buddha

From private collection from the Adrian Noë estate. Purchased at Christies Jakarta auction in February 1996.

Adrian Noë was a Dutch banker (Handelsbank and Chase) who lived and worked in Jakarta and Bali since the 50’s till his death in 1995. Noë had one of the most extensive privat collections of South East Asian art at that time. He however refused to call himself a collector, as that would compel him to purchase responsibly rather than only purchasing what he thought of as special and beautiful. The thankha depicts Phra Sri Ariya Mettrai, or the future Buddha. It was created in northern Thailand in the late Ayutthaya period (forteenth to eighteens century) as shown by the tell tale narrow lines above the lips and eyes as well as the unique hair frame. The large size indicates it is from the middle to late Ayutthaya period by which time the Sukhothai characteristics had been adopted and the construction of large Buddha images became popular.

The thankha is exceptional as most antique depictions of Buddha are 3 dimensional or wall paintings. The size is also unique, standing nearly 3 meters in height. The thankha was made by a devotee (Chao Na Wan Nang Wor) as a gift to the temple. The text at the base of the thankha is written in an old Thai script which can only been found on museum pieces. It reads;

  • 1st sentence; This painting is created by Chao Na Wan Nang Wor for the Buddhist temple.
  • 2nd sentence; I pray that I will not reborn in Pra Aba-ya-pom see Which means he prays that he will not reborn in hell (Buddhism term).
  • 3rd sentence; Then I pray that I can pay respect to “Pra Chu Ta Ma Nee” Pra Chu Ta Ma Nee is the name of pagoda in Highest heaven in Buddhism term. It is where the angel and supernatural spirits live.   Inside Pra Chu Ta Ma Nee pagoda the hair and teeth of the last Buddha are stored. Therefore, all the angels and supernatural spirits, in a way, pay respect to the Buddha at that Pagoda. So he wishes to have a chance to pay respect to this pagoda in the highest heaven.
  • 4th sentence; If I will reborn as a human again in my next life, I pray that I will meet Buddhism again at the period of “Pra Si Ara Ya May Tri” Buddha Pra Si Ara Ya Mai Tri Buddha is the last Buddha that will born on earth. At that period of the last Buddha, the world will be peaceful and full with spiritual and happy people.
  • 5th sentence; “I pray that all my wish will come true”

In 2002 the thankha was fully conserved and restored by Renate Kant in Singapore. Reframed in a custom made teak stain frame with acrylic glazing (60% UV filtering) on acid free rag mat on PVC coated plywood. The image dimensions are; 294cm x 86cm. Frame outer-size is 325cm x 125cm.

Purchase code: P1091

Price: 14,500 USD

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Product Enquiry

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