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Old Batavia city plan by Montanus

Plan de la Ville et du Chateau de BATAVIA en l’Isle de Iava. 1679./Ware affbeeldinge wegens het Casteel ende Stadt BATAVIA/gelengen opt groot eylant JAVA Anno 1679.

A very fine and very rare late 17th to early 18th century plan of Batavia in good modern colour that has a vignette at the bottom showing Jakarta from the sea with the volcanoes Mount Gede, Mount Pangrnago and Mount Salak in the background. The plan is based on the earlier, much larger map of Batavia published by Clement de Jonghe in 1650. This particular map is identical in most respects to the plan of Batavia published by Jacob van Meurs (1619/20 – 1680), map publisher, engraver and bookseller of Arnhem, later Amsterdam in Gedenkwaerdige gesantschappen der Oost-Indische maatschappy in in ‘t Vereenigde Nederland by Arnoldus Montanus (c. 1625 – 1683), a Dutch missionary, explorer and theologian, in 1669. Two important differences are the date, which has been changed to 1679 and the addition above the title of ‘Plan de la Ville et du Chateau de BATAVIA en l’Isle de Java. 1679.’ Montanus did publish a 1679 edition of the plan in 1680 (BAT K17, Brommer and de Vries) but the plan did not have the additional title. This particular edition is not mentioned in Brommer and de Vries (1992), the premier reference on the maps and plans of Jakarta. The only plan in Brommer and de Vries (op. cit) with the same title is that of Von Mandelslo published in 1727 (BAT K25) but this edition does not have the date 1679 engraved in the title and, in addition, has the imprint of Pieter vander Aa (1639-1733) who obtained the plate and added his name to it for the purpose of incorporating the print in the East Indies volume of his Galerie agréable, which appeared at about the same time. The addition of the extra French language title suggests that this plan was published in a French atlas or travelogue in the late 17th to early 18th century.

Very good condition apart from some strengthening on the back of the centre-fold and the repair with archival tape of a small vertical tear in the bottom margin; measures 266 x 350 mm.

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