Houtman’s pioneering voyage to the East Indies

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Cornelius de Houtman’s pioneering voyage to the East Indies in 1595-97

Nova tabula Infularum Iava, Sumatra, Borneonis/et aliarum Mallaccam usqua, delineate in insula/Iava, ubi ad vivum designantur vada et Brevia/Scopulique interjacentes defcripta a C.M.A.L.

A very rare and much sought-after late 16th century black and white map of Sumatra, Borneo, Java and the southern part of the Malay peninsula engraved and published by the German engraver and bookseller Theodore de Bry in the German edition of Part II of De Bry’s Petits Voyages published in Frankfurt in 1598. The map is base on the work of Linschoten and derived from an identical map, but with the addition of six vignettes, compiled by Willem Lodewijcksz, a member of Cornelius de Houtman’s pioneering voyage to the East Indies in 1595-97. The initials C.M.A.L./G.M.A.L. in the cartouche refer to Lodewijcksz. The map shows the dangerous southern route to the Spice Islands via the Java Sea, which was threatened by Muslim States hostile to the Portuguese. The four ships in De Houtman’s fleet are shown in the map sailing north of Java to the west and possibly representing the fleet returning to the Sunda Strait after circumnavigating Java island.

Good condition, measures 375 x 432 mm.

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