Ein Profpect des Caftels Batavia.. ,1738

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Ein Profpect des Caftels Batavia.. ,1738

Ein Profpect des Caftels Batavia.. ( Johann Wolfgang Heydt, 1738 )

Ein Profpect des Caftels Batavia wie derfelbe auf de Brücke der fo genanten Junckers Gragt oder,Canals der Stadt Batavia an zu fetien.  

An attractive mid-18th century engraving of the Portuguese Church, European and Chinese merchants’ houses within the Citadel of Batavia in old colour drawn by Johann Wolfgang Heydt in 1738, a German draughtsman and engraver born in Indonesia, engraved by Andreas Hoffer of Nuremberg and published in Allerneuster Geograpisch und Topographische Schau-Platz von Africa und Oost- Indien … in 1744.

Very good old colour, excellent condition with strong plate mark, measures 223 x 259 mm.

Purchase code: P0958

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