City plan of BATAVIA, c.1740 ~ SOLD

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City plan of BATAVIA, c.1740

Afbeldinge van’t Cafteel ende Stadt BATAVIAgelegen opt groot Eylant IAVA-MAIOR, int Coninckryck van IACCATRA

A very rare early to mid-18th century plan of Jakarta in original colour by Renier (1678-1750) and Joshua (1704-1765) Ottens and published in his Atlas Maior around 1740. The plan is based on the earlier map of Batavia published by Clement de Jonghe in 1650 whose original plan was copied first by the Italian historian Gregorio Leti (1630-1710) in 1681 and then plate was acquired sometime after 1681 by the prolific Dutch map and chart maker Frederik de Wit and published in his Townbook of Europe, Theatrum Praecipuarum Totius Eurpoae Urbium tam ichnographice Delineatarum ….. t’Amsterdam, by Frederick De Wit in Amstrdam in 1693. Although entitled the Townbook of Europe, De Wit did include plans of four cities outside Europe including Constantinople, Jerusalem, Goa and Batavia at the end of the altlas. Batavia was the last map, numbered 132 (Koeman, Wit 28, Vol. III, page 210). The Ottens’ copy was produced 90 years after the original (Reference: Brommer, Historische plattegronden, IV, BAT K26). \

The map is in excellent condition, ( some reflection on the glass at image shown ), measures 405 x 502 mm.

Purchase code: M0513  ( This map is SOLD, looking for another copy?, please contact us. )

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